The History of Positano Fashion

The Italy famous Positano fashion (moda positano) was discovered in the late 1950s when the small fishing village of Positano rapidly transformed to one of the world-renowned tourist destinations. The village and other neighbouring places along the Amalfi Coast have been a haven for off-season visitors such as painters, musicians, and aristocrats mainly from Northern Europe searching for relaxation, inspiration and winter sun.   

After the Second World War, many travelers explored the Amalfi Coast. This group of travelers preferred to visit during the summer and spring. In the past, many fishers had docked their boats and fixed their nets along the beach. After sometimes, it was overtaken by a hoard of holidaymakers searching for fun, excitement, and fashion!   


From "Rags" to Riches

Presently, tourists visiting Positano are struck by similar painterly colors and calm atmosphere that attract the first set of travelers in the early 1950s. This led to the inspiration of comfortable and light clothes that mark the Moda Positano. The awareness of casual clothing inspired the tailors and dressmakers of Positano to make use of hand-dyed lengths of cotton (known as rags) to produce low cut dresses, roomy blouses and lace-fringed skirts for ladies to match their bathing costumes. Also, it is used to design some notable Italy's first bikinis that were knitted in wool or made from cloth decorated with pearls and costume jewelry.

Both men and women were excited with the outcome of the so-called "fishermen's trousers." The "pantaloni alla pescatora" is cropped under the knee, and this is perfect clothing for climbing the steep roads of Positano or getting off from a yacht!


Where Fashion is Anything but Picky

In 1847, the painter John Ruskin had portrayed the “brazen” women of Positano as wearing "slanted handkerchief on the chest, opened bodice, lively in color, big sandals to the fit and short skirt. However, when a similar "look" was launched in the 1950s, it looks as if a brand new fashion had been discovered.

Fashion may be inconsistent, but not in Positano. The 1950s styles are still selling in the market, and the summer shopping spree in the boutiques is a fantastic place for every visitors passing through.


From Bandanas to Sandals in Positano

At the beginning of the 1960s, the number of shoemakers’ artisan in Positano’s began to increase from crafting flat-heeled sandals with spider or single web strap. This trending fashion was spread to the Amalfi Coast across the water down to the island of Capri. After sometimes, prominent stylist such as Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Onassis started sporting the sandals all through their holidays in Italy.