Boho-Chic Style and Accessories Guide


Garment Selection

The simplest way to go boho is by including some basic bohemian concepts in your clothing, these concepts includes maxi dresses and maxi skirts (practice how to wear Maxi skirts), with a crotchet top, oversized shirts, graphic t-shirts, or easy-going chambray tops that suits it. Loose garments like tunics, or slouchy knitted sweaters, crazy denim pieces, for example very short shorts, or jeans and rompers, dresses that hang in a not-so-firm manner, crotchet, and denim or fur vests are inclusive in the list of conventional bohemian concepts. Additionally, you can include clothing like the popular ripped jeans, velour or velvet trousers, cardigans and jackets. Consider the ones with floral designs the most.

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When it concerns shoes, the boho concept permits footwear like; ballet flats, racially inclined to the Greeks, Romans, or Africans. The principal factor is that they should complement one another when worn, they are most presentable when they’re colors are not so announced, example; beige or brown. As an alternative, go for gladiator sandals or ankle boots that are neutral shades, and have buckles and fringe details present. We have a variety of hamdmade African sandals that will give you the perfect Boho chic look.


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Boho Accessories

With regards to accessories, you can’t go past the fedora hats, turbans, head-wraps, headbands, and eye-catching scarves and old-era type sunglasses, bracelets and other jewelleries that would portray clearly and complement your boho-chic wears. Additionally, Mexican bracelets, Arabic finger rings, African necklaces, and big pendants can support your boho-chic looks.


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Ease, non-eye-catching colors, and a simple feel are the main points that totally describes the boho-chic style. However, the pieces of the garments and the accessories are the focal points of this concept, your hair and make-up also deserve as much attention for everything to harmonize. The Boho-chic style demands a slight make-up, an easy-looking hair or ones that constitutes of simple braids and relaxed top knots.