Ciao! I am Lori, thanks for stopping by

Fashion has alway been such a big passion for me, and I am passionate about everything I do. I started selling the beautiful leather sandals at many markets and for many years I was a mobile vendor traveling all over Europe.
After many years of hard work I finally opened my boutique in beautiful Desenzano del Garda in 2015.
For me life is all about having a good time! Life is too short to wear boring clothing! My boutique is so vivid and colourful people always stop by because they never saw something similar. 
It's because I want to bring you styles that are different from anything else, colourful, vivid and alive! For me the clothing you wear is a way on how you can express yourself. Let all the beautiful colours radiate much happiness to you and whoever is around you!
Much love, 

Lori Sandals