Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy for Visitors applies to anyone who visits the website

1. Management 
The website is managed by The contact details are the same as Lori Sandals.

2. Information on visitors 
2a Some data come from one or more visits to be permanently preserved, but anonymously. The data will never be traced back to a person or organization. 

2b Lori Sandals ensures good protection of the stored data.

Lori Sandals to the data provided by the customer to address among others the following purposes:

2c The sending of one or more messages such as, but not limited to, an email in which order data are. 
2d Sending an email with Lori Sandals news with a relevance value for the customer.

3. Questions 
Visitors can ask questions about this Privacy Policy contact Lori Sandals. The contact details on the contact page of this website. 

The Privacy Policy for Customers complements the Privacy Policy for Visitors and applies to everyone who places an order with Lori Sandals

4. Data provided by the customer 
Lori Sandals to the data provided by the customer for the following purposes: 
4a The processing of the order. 
4b The sending of one or more e-mails related to the ordered, such as, but not limited to, an email in which log data are mentioned. 
4c Sending an email with Lori Sandals news with a relevance value for the customer. 

6. Information provided to third parties 
Information provided by the customer to Lori Sandals will never be disclosed to third parties. There is one exception to this rule: 
2a If there is a court order issued to provide information.

6. Security 
The data that the customer Lori Sandals are stored in a secure environment. 

7. Adjustment of customer data 
The customer always has the possibility to change the data provided.


We will continue to send e-mail marketing to you until you opt-out. We will then keep your e-mail on a suppression list for 24 months so we ensure we do not contact you. We may also need to keep your information for legal or audit purposes but if you haven’t shopped with us for five years, we will delete all your information from our systems


We will seek to act in the best interest of our customers and will not abuse our position of data controller. We wish to be as clear and transparent as possible and uphold any requests for data disclosure or amendment as soon as possible. Due to the nature of data and catalogue printing, when an amend is made to data it may take up to 6 weeks for it to become effective, although we will do everything possible to ensure this time delay is kept to a minimum.


We take security of our customer’s data very seriously and this includes credit card information. At checkout on our website you are taken to a secure page and should always see a closed padlock beside the url address or at the top/bottom of your browser window.